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Pinned Article Gain Skills with LinkedIn Learning Online Video Courses

[Students, Faculty & Staff] Complete this brief LinkedIn Learning course to explore how to find the right content for your learning style, set measurable learning goals and make the most of LinkedIn Learning's features to achieve those goals.

Pinned Article Get an Introduction to LinkedIn Learning

[Faculty, Staff and Students] This video introduces Linkedin Learning at Towson University and explains how to use it to build your creative, business and technology skills.

Access LinkedIn Learning Online Video Courses

[Students, Faculty and Staff] TU students and professionals enjoy free access to the online video tutorial service, LinkedIn Learning. Learn new business, software, technology and creative skills from nationally recognized experts in various content areas.

Add LinkedIn Learning to Blackboard

[Faculty] Add a LinkedIn Learning video to your Blackboard course site.

Configuring your Webex Course through Blackboard

[Faculty] Integrate Webex into your Blackboard course.

Configuring your Zoom Course through Blackboard

[Faculty] Integrate Zoom Meetings into your Blackboard course.

Creating a RedShelf Direct Access Textbook Link

[Faculty] How to set up your RedShelf Direct Access link in your Blackboard course.

Explore Akindi as an Alternative to Scantron Optical Test Scoring

Akindi is a modern and convenient alternative to Scantron OMR, fully supported by the TU Blackboard team.

LinkedIn Learning - Collections, Skills and other features

[Students] The video shows some of the features to use to organize and make the learning process as simple, easy and as efficient as possible.

LinkedIn Learning FAQ

[Students, Faculty and Staff] Frequently asked questions cover linking your LinkedIn profile to your TU LinkedIn Learning account.

Qwickly Jot Assignments

[Faculty] Qwickly Jot assignments are digitized versions of traditional paper assignments.

Taking Attendance

[Faculty] How to set up and take attendance using the Qwickly Attendance tool.

Using Akindi in Blackboard

[Faculty] Create an Akindi link inside of your course and use Akindi to create assessments.

VoiceThread (Blackboard)

[Faculty] The article helps you to create a VoiceThread of your own to submit, comment on a VoiceThread you’ve created, or simply watch a VoiceThread from start to finish.

Slido Reference Guide

[Faculty] Slido is an easy-to-use Q&A and polling platform for live, remote, or hybrid meetings; events; classes, and webinars. Event planners can set up a Slido event in less than a minute; all the participants need to join the conversation is a simple event code or link.