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[Students, Faculty and Staff] A Shared Mailbox (once known as a "maildrop") is a group mailbox assigned to a department or organization within the university. Shared mailboxes allow one or more owners to send email messages from the mailbox's email address (e.g., rather than from their personal email address.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] If you can't find a knowledge article with the information you need, you can suggest a new article as described below. [Answers questions such as: How do I suggest a new knowledge base article? What should I do if I can't find the article I need?]
If you have graduated or are not returning to TU, your NetID account will be disabled 18 months after you graduated or stopped attending TU and deleted three months later.  Here’s a checklist of things that you will need to take care of before your account is disabled. This includes instructions on how to backup your Outlook email and OneDrive files.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] The Towson University VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to connect to the campus network through any computer for off-campus access to on-campus services such as network drives and exchange email accounts.
[Students] Successfully complete online tests and assignments with these best practices.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] If you are planning to share one or more Microsoft Word documents online, run this checklist to ensure that they will be accessible to the widest audience possible.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] Zoom can transcribe your meeting (or webinar) audio content in real-time. Just follow the steps below to enable this feature.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] Learn how to use, search and share the TechHelp Knowledge Base.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] A SharePoint Team Site is a place where a group of colleagues can share information and work collaboratively on projects from any device with internet access. This site includes a group of webpages, document libraries, lists for data management and web parts for organization. Unlike a SharePoint File Share Site, permissions for a Team Site are managed within SharePoint.
[Students] Open the linked webpage to learn how Wepa Express allows touch-free document release and secure document release by another person.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] To find out how much of your OneDrive space is in use and how much is available, follow this procedure.
[ Students, Faculty & Staff ] Our best recommendation is for you to seek outside help for your personal computer and other devices. Technicians who work in the home support and retail business have broader knowledge and experience with a wide range of consumer-level products. TU specializes in a small subset of university-­­owned products used on campus.
[ Students, Faculty & Staff ] To ensure that files can be shared between Mac and Windows systems, follow these formatting tips to avoid errors when saving and copying files and folders. Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows computers use different file naming conventions for saving files and folders.
[ Students, Faculty & Staff ] As an administrator of an email list in the TU Email List Service, you can add and remove additional list owners or moderators. Additionally, you can customize the list's information page, automatic messages and who can send list messages.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] This article will step you through sending and receiving emails from your TU university email account App on your Android Devices.