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[Faculty] Embed a Panopto video in Blackboard.
[Faculty] Integrate a Panopto folder into Blackboard.
[Students & Faculty] Edit videos from Blackboard using Panopto editing tools.
[Faculty] Assignment folders created within a course folder allow students to submit their videos. However, such videos are visible only to the student and the instructor. Make a submitted video visible to the entire course list by copying the video from the assignment folder to the main course folder.
[Student] This article will show you to submit a Panopto video assignment in Blackboard Ultra.
[Faculty] In this video, we're going to go over how to request an animal drop to Outlook 2016 on your Mac.
[Faculty] How to set up your course folder for Panopto.
[Faculty and Staff] This video will speak about spreadsheet journals similar to the current Journal submissions and PeopleSoft financials.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] This video will show you how to create an out-of-office reply in outlook on the web.
[Faculty and Staff] This video explain the Journals in Stratus.
[Faculty and Staff] This video will help in Navigation with Things to Finish and Infotiles.
[Faculty & Staff] This article will detail the steps to record on the Panopto Recorder on PC.
[Faculty & Staff] This article shows to Add Panopto Mac Recorder and record video on Mac.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] This article shows how to manage Folders in Panopto.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] This article shows to Upload video to Panopto from Webex, Zoom and Class Collaborate.