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[Students, Faculty & Staff] If the need arises, reset your NetID password by answering the security questions you set up when you first received your account. You can also use a one-time passcode (OTP) sent to your mobile phone or email as described in a separate article.
[Faculty and Staff] Jamf Self Service distributes software to university Macs, providing standard university application packages for faculty and staff to install on-demand.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] The TU Registrar’s Office webpage "Helpful Guides for Faculty, Staff & Students" offers several resources that you might find helpful, including information on academic requirements, wait lists, swap, planner guides, class permissions, schedule matrix, milestone input, printing class schedules, query guides, student advisor input and unofficial transcripts.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] Learn how to use, search and share the TechHelp Knowledge Base.
[Faculty and Staff] This article will help determine the best solution for Electronic Forms.
[ Students, Faculty & Staff ] As an administrator of an email list in the TU Email List Service, you can add and remove additional list owners or moderators. Additionally, you can customize the list's information page, automatic messages and who can send list messages.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] Locate the IP (Internet Protocol) address, MAC (Media Access Control) address and other network-related information on your Windows 10 or 11 laptops, phone and gaming console.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] Follow these instructions to make your WordPress site publicly accessible on the internet.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] Selecting the Customize button for the currently active theme allows you to update settings while previewing your changes (What You See Is What You Get). Until you choose the Save and Publish button, only the theme preview window is updated, not your live site.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] Beyond basic page content, WordPress makes it easy to add hyperlinks, images and galleries.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] This document describes how to locate the Computer Name, Operating System, and TU Tag of a TU-owned computer.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] This article Reviews WebEx Toolbar
[Students, Faculty and Staff] This article shows the Instructions for installing the WebEx Suite app.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] This video explains how to create Breakout Rooms in Zoom and how to pre-assign them before the meeting begins.
[Faculty & Staff] This video explains the zoom interface and how to properly schedule a meeting through the Zoom client, the Zoom website and Outlook.