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[Students] Open the linked webpage to learn how Wepa Express allows touch-free document release and secure document release by another person.
[Students] The article provides links to Wepa self-help documents for printing.
[OTS-Internal] The article lists services that do not use the NetID for authentication.
[OTS Internal]This article covers the support of the Ethernet and WiFi in Millennium Hall, Tubman House and Harris Hall
[OTS-Internal] TU offers wired and wireless internet connections for students living in the on-campus residence halls. Some students may need to plug in multiple devices to their Ethernet port. This article provides instructions on borrowing and using switches.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] Just prior to printing, the Ultimaker 3D printers extrude a blob of filament on the front corner of the bed — front left for extruder 1 and front right for extruder 2. Ideally, the blob will adhere to the glass and remain at the front corner. However, sometimes the blob can be dragged back into the printing area by the print head. If this goes undetected, it can cause the print to fail.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] The Zoom H1 and H2 digital audio recorders also make excellent USB microphones for recording directly to your computer. The recorders can be booked (for free) at Follow these steps to configure these devices as USB microphones.
[Students and Staff] Learn the recommended technique for using the SCS large-format rotary trimmer (in CK 35) to cut away unwanted parts of a poster.
[OTS-Internal] If a client is recording video with a DSLR camera borrowed from Student Multimedia Services (SMS) and it shuts down unexpectedly, try these troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] Students looking to borrow (or "rent") a laptop computer may contact OTS Student Computing Services (SCS) or the Student Government Association (SGA) depending on their circumstances. SCS has Chromebook computers to circulate as stop-gaps for students who need time (up to 4 weeks) to repair or replace their own personal laptops. SGA has Chromebooks students in need may borrow for longer periods (1-2 terms).
[OTS-Internal] When a poster fails to print correctly the first time or is too wide, try these steps.
[Students] The safest way to transport a poster (large-format print) is to roll it and place it in a plastic or cardboard tube. If you don't have a tube, here's another approach.
[OTS-Internal] The article provides links to youtube videos for WEPA operations
[Students, Faculty and Staff] The linked video demonstrates how to edit a resource booking in the Student Computing Services (SCS) Online Resource Booking System (ORBS). Students, faculty and staff may borrow digital cameras, audio recorders and other multimedia accessories. Students may also book the use of studios, large-format printers and 3D printers.