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[Faculty & Staff] Websites that produce errors such as 404 Not Found or 504 Service Unavailable or fail to load at all may indicate the site is down, a network cable is loose, or the campus network is experiencing a problem.
[Faculty & Staff] While most classrooms have wireless network connectivity, wired connections guarantee faster speeds, more reliable connections, and fewer glitches. Most lecterns have either a network cable or an open jack to plug in laptops with ethernet ports.
[Faculty & Staff] Personal network file storage (H: drive) and department file storage (O: drive) should automatically appear ("map") upon signing into campus computers. If one or both do not appear, they can be remapped manually.
[Faculty & Staff] Computer sign-in, web access, email, Blackboard, and network drive access require a network connection. An inactive or unavailable network connection will affect all services and sites—not just one. A potential network issue may be identified at sign-in by an error message such as Domain Controller Not Found.
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[Students, Faculty & Staff] The linked page provides a means to search the TU Software Inventory Library and describes several other ways to access software, including the Office 365 Portal, Virtual Workspace, Maryland Enterprise Education Consortium (MEEC) and TU computer lab software.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] To find out how much of your OneDrive space is in use and how much is available, follow this procedure.
[Faculty and Staff] TU assigns newly hired faculty and staff a computing account with a specific NetID (username) and email address. The account provides access to multiple storage options, each with an allocated capacity called a quota. Learn about your storage options, associated quotas and related tips.
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[Faculty & Staff] Classroom microphones may be used for in-room reinforcement, lecture capture or videoconferencing; however, some microphones may serve only one of these functions.
[Faculty and Staff] If classroom speakers are not emitting sound, there are many potential causes. Rule out the simplest ones first.
[Faculty, Staff and Students] Widgets are independent content elements that can be placed in left/right sidebars or other areas allowed by your selected theme. Many widgets are available, but the default student theme includes two: Subscribe by Email and Search. To browse other widgets from your Dashboard, hover over Plugins, then select Widgets on the flyout menu.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] TU offers web-conferencing, lecture capture and asynchronous collaboration tools. This article describes them and identifies resources for further learning.
[Faculty and Staff] Some classrooms have SMART Board displays. If your SMART board doesn't display the computer screen or your writing or if the screen lickers and seems out of focus, try these steps to troubleshoot the issue.