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[Faculty & Staff] Learn how to use the Software Center to install and upgrade Windows desktop applications.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] Upload files to Virtual Workspace (VW) by dragging and dropping them on the VW desktop or by saving them to your TU OneDrive. Use with VW apps such as SPSS.
[Faculty and Staff] See answers to frequently asked questions about mobile devices on TU.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] Download, install and use TU's VPN on Apple Mac computers.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] The TechHelp Knowledge Base launched on Thursday, October 20, 2022, and will gradually usher in the next generation of self-help technology support at Towson University. Existing technology resources will remain available on TU’s website. As we continue to move resources into the new KB over the fall and winter months, we will simply update the webpage links to open new KB articles instead of the original PDF files and videos on which they are based.
[Faculty] Integrate a Panopto folder into Blackboard.
[Faculty] View how active your students are in your course materials using this linked Course Activity Related to Grades report (learning analytics).
The article provides a list of resources on creating tests and surveys, grading tests and surveys, and tracking student progress.
[Faculty] Review the course content from a student's perspective with Student Preview.
The article provides steps to add journal spaces/assignments for various courses on Blackboard.
[Faculty] This article shows you to import a course package from a previous course or from another instructor.
[Faculty] This article allows you to export and archive your course content.
The article provides information and instructions regarding creating and managing discussion boards on Blackboard.
The article provides information regarding creating and adding content to courses on Blackboard and also provides an instructional video on adding content.
[Faculty & Staff] This article shows copying Course Videos in Panopto