VoiceThread (Blackboard)

The article helps you to create a VoiceThread of your own to submit, comment on a VoiceThread you’ve created, or simply watch a VoiceThread from start to finish.

Create Graded Assignment with VoiceThread

  1. Log in with your TU NetID and Password
  2. Enter the desired course and Select the content you would like the VoiceThread assignment to be in
  3. Select the plus (+) sign in Content where you want to place the VoiceThread Assignment.
  4. Select Content Market from the drop-down menu
  5. Select VoiceThread. This will bring up the VoiceThread Setup Menu 
    Assignment Builder                        Sets up a link for students to upload a VT to be graded by the instructor. This can be private between the student & instructor or shared with the class. Sets up a link for students to submit a required number of comments on an Instructor Voicethread to be graded.
    Individual VoiceThread Sets up a link to an Instructor created VT. Good for Introductory VoiceThreads where students can add slides or Multiple Group VoiceThreads.
    Course View Sets up a link to all VoiceThreads shared with the Course.
    VT Home Page Sets up a link to all VoiceThreads shared with the owner.
  6. From the VoiceThread Setup Page, select Assignment Builder. Select CREATE.
  7. Select Continue
  8. Choose your Options. You can also allow students to see each other’s submissions.
  9. When you have made all of your choices for options, Select Continue.
  10. Enter the name of your assignment, complete assignment instructions, a message to appear upon completion of the assignment, and a start, end date, and close date. Choose whether or not to allow the students to resubmit and choose Assessment scoring. (Percentage, Complete/Incomplete, Points).  If Points are selected, Enter the number of points possible.
  11. Select Publish.
  12. The Due Date will need to be set in Blackboard Learn Ultra to match the Due Date set in VoiceThread.  The Points will match. Select the three dots to set the due date.
  13. As the assignment is completed you can click on the link and view each student’s contributions and grade.


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