Use the Blackboard tools and areas to instruct your students and manage your courses.

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Blackboard Grading Guide

[Faculty] This guide introduces the Overall Grade in the Blackboard Ultra Gradebook and how it is used to provide a weighted grade total.

Course Announcements (Blackboard)

The article provides information regarding creating and managing announcements for different courses on Blackboard.

Course Copy

The article provides information regarding various content types and the steps to copy content between courses on Blackboard.

Discussion Boards (Blackboard)

The article provides information and instructions regarding creating and managing discussion boards on Blackboard.

Grading (Blackboard)

[Faculty] The source supports the Blackboard Grade book setup, settings and options.

How to Create a Video Assignment in Blackboard Ultra

[Faculty] Learn how to create a student video assignment in a Blackboard Ultra course.

Journals (Blackboard)

The article provides steps to add journal spaces/assignments for various courses on Blackboard.

Make Your Blackboard Course Available for Students

[Faculty] Blackboard courses are set to private by default. Non-instructors cannot access private courses. Non-instructors can access completed courses but cannot participate in graded items.

Make Your Course Content Accessible (Blackboard)

[Faculty] Accessibility indicators will appear on any document uploaded across Blackboard. The indicators will denote how accessible the corresponding document is.

Moving Items in the Course Content Stream

[Faculty] Learn how to move items within the course content stream with your mouse or keyboard.

Release Content (Blackboard)

This article provides steps to release course content with various settings and conditions such as date, performance, groups etc.

Rubrics (Blackboard)

[Faculty] The support page shows a detailed description of Create Rubrics, types and association to assessment.

Submit Items to SafeAssign

[Faculty] Submit items to SafeAssign directly, without using an assignment.

Test, Pools and Surveys (Blackboard)

The article provides a list of resources on creating tests and surveys, grading tests and surveys, and tracking student progress.

Create Content (Blackboard)

The article provides information regarding creating and adding content to courses on Blackboard and also provides an instructional video on adding content.

Add Files from Your OneDrive to Your Blackboard Ultra Course

[Faculty] Integration for OneDrive is available in Blackboard Ultra. The webpage linked below describes how to add files from OneDrive to your Course Content area, Learning Modules and Folders.

Batch Edit (Blackboard)

The article provides information regarding the Batch Edit feature instructors can use to make common setting updates across all content, such as visibility and due dates.

Preview Your Blackboard Course as a Student

[Faculty] Review the course content from a student's perspective with Student Preview.

Track Student Performance in Blackboard

[Faculty] View how active your students are in your course materials using this linked Course Activity Related to Grades report (learning analytics).

Accessibility in Blackboard Ultra (Faculty & Students)

[Students, Faculty & Staff] The article describes accessibility features in Blackboard Ultra.

Export your course (Blackboard)

[Faculty] This article allows you to export and archive your course content.

Blackboard Integrations

[Faculty & Staff] This is a list of available Blackboard Integrations that Faculty can use when creating their courses.

Import Course Content (Blackboard)

[Faculty] This article shows you to import a course package from a previous course or from another instructor.