Configuring devices for and using the tu-secure and tu-openaccess wireless networks

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Pinned Article Configure Your Android Device for tu-secure Wi-Fi

[Students, Faculty & Staff] Configure your Android device to connect to the tu-secure wireless network, the recommended wireless network for TU faculty, staff and students. tu-secure provides the most secure and stable connection to the university network and access to your H: drive and other secured resources. This article supports Android version 11.0 and beyond.

Pinned Article Configure Your iOS Device for tu-secure Wi-Fi

[Students, Faculty & Staff] Configure your iOS device to connect to tu-secure, the wireless network that provides the most secure and stable connection and access to your H: drive and other secured resources.

Configure Windows 10 for a tu-secure Wireless Connection

[Students, Faculty & Staff] Windows 10 should automatically detect the tu-secure network; you should only need to select Connect and enter your NetID and password. However, if for some reason you have trouble connecting, you can set up the connection manually. Here's how.

Configure Your Mac Laptop for Use with tu-secure

[Students, Faculty and Staff] Configure your Mac computer (running MacOS 11 Big Sur or higher) to connect with tu-secure. A tu-secure connection provides the most secure and stable wireless access to the TU network and must be used to access your H: and O: drives.

Connect Your Computer or Other Wi-Fi Device to the tu-openaccess Network

[Students, Faculty and Staff] The tu-openaccess network does not require you to log in using your TU NetID. It is intended for campus guests and Wi-Fi devices incompatible with tu-secure. These instructions will help you connect your Windows or Mac computer, as well as your streaming box or game console (e.g., Roku, Xbox, etc.). TU NetID holders must use the tu-secure wireless network when working with sensitive information like social security numbers, credit cards and bank accounts.

Find IP, MAC and Other Network Information on your Windows Device

[Students, Faculty & Staff] Locate the IP (Internet Protocol) address, MAC (Media Access Control) address and other network-related information on your Windows 10 or 11 laptops, phone and gaming console.

ResNet Configuration: Millennium, Tubman, Harris

[OTS Internal]This article covers the support of the Ethernet and WiFi in Millennium Hall, Tubman House and Harris Hall

ResNet Configuration: Using a Switch

[OTS-Internal] TU offers wired and wireless internet connections for students living in the on-campus residence halls. Some students may need to plug in multiple devices to their Ethernet port. This article provides instructions on borrowing and using switches.