Accessing VW, launching apps, launching Windows desktop, transferring files, ect.

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Access Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) on Your Mac Using the Remote Desktop App

[Students, Faculty and Staff] Access the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) on your Mac computer using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, and easily access the virtual desktops (e.g., Student Desktop, Towson Desktop, etc.) to which you've been granted access.

Accessing the Virtual Workspace via Web Browser

[Students, Faculty, & Staff] Log into the Virtual Workspace via a Web Browser

Copy Files from Your Personal Computer to Your Virtual Workspace (VW)

[Students, Faculty & Staff] Upload files to Virtual Workspace (VW) by dragging and dropping them on the VW desktop or by saving them to your TU OneDrive. Use with VW apps such as SPSS.

What Applications are Available in the TU Virtual Workspace?

[Students, Faculty & Staff] Open this linked page to learn more about the software titles available in Virtual Workspace, including ArcGIS, Crystal Reports, Mathematica and SPSS.