Accessing VW, launching apps, launching Windows desktop, transferring files, ect.

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Pinned Article Download and Install the Horizon Client (for VW) on Your Computer

[Students, Faculty & Staff] TU Virtual Workspace is a web-based remote access product that allows users to access the TU desktop, secure share drives and published applications.

Access Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) on Your Mac Using the Remote Desktop App

[Students, Faculty and Staff] Access the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) on your Mac computer using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, and easily access the virtual desktops (e.g., Student Desktop, Towson Desktop, etc.) to which you've been granted access.

Copy Files from Your Personal Computer to Your Virtual Workspace (VW)

[Students, Faculty & Staff] Upload files to Virtual Workspace (VW). For most students, the following process is the simplest: copy data files from a personal computer to your Virtual Workspace (VW) for use with VW apps such as SPSS.

Using Duo Multifactor Authentication with Virtual Workspace

Using Duo Multifactor Authentication with Virtual Workspace