My Recently Visited Services

System used to request IT services, track OTS projects, and host the Knowledge Base.

Connect to a virtual desktop and access University software

Web-based platform used for sharing files and information. It is designed for teams and provides collaboration features, such as project management, messaging, and shared document storage

TV streaming service included for TU resident students (excluding Millenium, Tubman & Paca).

Cable IPTV service for offices, conference rooms and athletic venues.

The digital signs throughout the campus are used to advertise upcoming events, current university promotions, and safety tips to the campus community.

Personal H drive (Homeshare), Departmental O drive (Deptshare), Customshare, Secureshare

A video conferencing and collaboration product suite including; WebEx Event Consultation.

Email / calendaring for faculty, staff and students

Establish, change, or discontinue FAX service.

An outage is a service interruption that affects multiple people. If you suspect there is an outage of an IT service, please let us know.

Submit a request for a complex IT project to the OTS Planning & Project Management Office (PPMO).

A website is displaying a message saying it was blocked.

Request a consult to analyze current technology systems and business processes or evaluate new technology solutions.

Suspicious emails or attachments, scams

My account was hacked or has been disabled due to it being compromised.

Malware, suspicious popups, ransomware, etc.

Request for new University cellphone, tablet or data device activation and service changes

Financial system used for accounting, budgeting, expenses, reporting, requisition, procurement, and travel, plus PBCS and ARCS.

Allows for electronic discussion groups.

Securely share files too large to send as email attachments.

Cloud file storage for faculty, staff and students

Take and place telephone calls from your TU telephone number within Webex Teams.