Network, Wireless, TV & Remote Access

Network connections, Virtual Workspace, remote desktop, TV, VPN

Services (10)

Digital Signs

The digital signs throughout the campus are used to advertise upcoming events, current university promotions, and safety tips to the campus community.

New Ethernet/Network Jack

Add, move, or change data, telephone, and television jacks.

Non-Residential TV

Cable IPTV service for offices, conference rooms and athletic venues.

Remote Desktop

Access your office computer from anywhere

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Connect to campus resources from off campus

Virtual Workspace

Connect to a virtual desktop and access University software

Wired Connection (Ethernet)

Internet connection via a cable

Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)

tu-secure & tu-openaccess wireless networks

Xfinity on Campus (Residence Halls)

TV streaming service included for TU resident students (excluding Millenium, Tubman & Paca).

Network Connectivity/Design Consultation

Request assistance determining your network needs.