Enable Live Auto-Transcription in Your Zoom Meeting

Zoom can transcribe your meeting (or webinar) audio content in real-time. Just follow the steps below to enable this feature. Note that live auto-transcriptions are machine-generated and not checked for accuracy. If you require transcription services for an Accessibility & Disability Services accommodation, contact the ADS office. For a more detailed overview of Zoom captioning and transcription features, consult the Zoom knowledge base

Enable Live Auto-Transcription

  1. Launch your Zoom meeting. 
  2. Select the ^ symbol on the right side of the Show Captions button at the bottom of the screen (as pictured below).
  3. Select View Full Transcript from the pop-up menu. Zoom will prompt you to "Set the caption language for this meeting."

  4. Select English, then select the Save button. The transcription will appear in the Transcript panel on the right.

Be aware that the accuracy of live transcription depends on many variables, such as but not limited to:

  • Background noise
  • Volume and clarity of the speaker’s voice
  • Speaker's proficiency with the English language
  • Lexicons and dialects specific to a geography or community
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