Customize Your Email List

As an administrator of an email list in the TU Email List Service, you can add and remove additional list owners or moderators. Additionally, you can customize the list's information page, automatic messages and who can send list messages.

Add an owner or moderator

  1. Log in to the services' website by visiting in your preferred browser.
  2. Enter your TU email and password, then select the Log In button.
  3. In the Manage Your Subscriptions section, you will see your subscribed lists. If you are an owner or moderator of a list, an Admin button will appear beside it.
  4. Select the Admin button to access the administrative options window.
  5. Select the Edit List Config button to access the configuration screen.
  6. Select the List Definition button to access the Configuring the List section.
  7. Navigate to the Owners or Moderators section of the screen, depending on which role you want to modify.
  8. Enter the new admin/moderator information:
    1. Email (required)
    2. Name (optional)
    3. Private information (optional)
      Note: this information will only be viewable to the list owners.
    4. Profile (unchangeable)
    5. Reception mode
      Note: this determines if the owner or moderator should receive an administrative list email. This should remain set to mail.
    6. Visibility
      Note: this determines if the owner/moderator's email and display name should be visible to subscribers.
  9. Select the Update button.
    Note: after selecting update, there will be an additional blank owner or moderator field added in case you wish to add more.

Customize the list information page and automated messages

Every list has an Info page that can be customized by adding your own plain text or HTML content. Such content might include details on the subject of the list, or any rules that subscribers are expected to abide by. Additionally, you can modify the templates used for the service's automated messages (i.e., new subscriber welcome messages). 

  1. Select the Admin button.
  2. Select the Customize button.
  3. Select the Edit button beside the template you want to edit
  4. The Edit List Templates screen will appear.
  5. Select the Save button when finished.

Change who can send to a list

The TU email list service supports these options:

  • Posts restricted to owners and moderators (newsletter)
    This is the default setting for a list based on the Announcements template. Only owners and moderators can send messages to the list and submissions from anyone else, including subscribers, will be rejected.
  • Posts restricted to subscribers of the list (private)
    This is the default setting for a list based on the Discussion template. Owners, moderators, and subscribers may all send to the list; only submissions from non-subscribers will be rejected.
  • Posts from subscribers are moderated (moderated)
    All messages sent to the list by regular subscribers must be explicitly approved by an owner or moderator before they will be distributed to the other list subscribers. This feature is generally used to filter out spam, off-topic discussions, or any other type of undesirable comment.

Follow these steps to change this setting:

  1. In the Manage My Subscriptions section, select the Admin button next to your list.
  2. Select the Edit List Config button.
  3. Select the Sending/Receiving Setup button.
  4. In the Who Can Send Messages section, select your desired option in the drop-down menu.
  5. After making changes, select the Update button at the bottom of the screen.
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