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Outlook for Mac:  Requesting and Adding a Maildrop 

A maildrop is a group mailbox (with one or more owners) assigned to a department or organization within the university (for example, or Maildrops allows an owner to send email messages from the maildrop's email address rather than from their own email address.

Requesting a Maildrop

1. Go to

2. Click on Manage 

3. Click on Request 

4. Click on Request access or NetID 

5. Click on Create New User 

6. Change selection to NetId Type: Maildrop and fill in the fields below 

7. Specify access period and submit notes (required field). 

Once fields are all filled in click submit

Note: Requests may be granted or denied based on the legitimacy of the request, perceived manageability issues, or perceived conflicts with other names or services provided by the University.

*After access to a maildrop is granted, it can take up to four hours for the maildrop to populate with email. 


Adding a Maildrop to Outlook

After your maildrop has been created, add a separate account to Outlook. Using this method, the following is possible:

    • Messages are sent from the maildrop’s email address and not your Towson personal account.

    • When replying or forwarding an email from the maildrop, it will come from the maildrop’s email address.

    • An out-of-office message can be sent from or rules can be created within the maildrop.

1. Launch the Microsoft Outlook application.

2.  Click File

3. Hover over Open then click Shared Mailbox...

4. Type the name of the desired Shared Mailbox, Select the maildrop then click Add.

5. The system will verify if your account has permission to add the mailbox.

6. The maildrop will appear in the Accounts pane of the main Outlook window.


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