Access, Navigate and Use Your Dashboard in Towson Online Services

Towson Online Services Student Dashboard is a self-service web application providing a single-entry point for navigating student-related transactions. It also presents much of the information important to students in a single location, including their class schedules, enrollment information and financial information. Learn how to log in, navigate the environment, use menus and widgets, and find the information you need.

Student Dashboard Topics

  1. Log in to Student Dashboard
  2. Orient yourself to the Student Dashboard
  3. Navigate Towson Online Services
  4. Run frequently accessed reports

Log in to Student Dashboard

  1. Open in your preferred browser. Note that Towson Online Services is not supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. Select the Students link at the top of the page, and then select MyTU for Students.
  3. Select the Towson Online Services Student Dashboard tile.
  4. Log in with your NetID Username and Password.
  5. You will enter the Dashboard.

Orient yourself to the Student Dashboard

Screen of Towson Online Services with numbers to label

1 Left Navigation Menu Menu items for all tasks performed within the student online services
2 Expand/Collapse Expand and collapse the left navigation menu
3 Logout Select the arrow beside your name to reveal the Logout selection
4 Content Tabs Select the General, Academics or Financial tabs to reveal widgets related to each
5 Widgets Most frequently used commands within the student dashboard
6 Go to Select this icon to open the widget
7 Edit My Widgets Button Customize which widgets will display on the Dashboard
8 Preferences Menu Select to reveal the About menu selection (help menu)

Navigate Towson Online Services

The two ways to navigate Towson Online Services are by using widgets and using menu items in the left navigation panel. Widgets are designed to hold the more frequently used commands; all other commands can be found in the left navigation panel.

Use your widgets

  1. Select one of the three content tabs at the top of the Dashboard: General, Academics or Financial. You will see widgets for each of these three main areas.
  2. Select the Go to button in the top right corner of a widget to open it. Notice that the left navigation menu reflects your current location.
  3. Select the Dashboard menu option to return to the main Dashboard.

Edit your widgets

You may add widgets to or remove widgets from your Dashboard.

  1. Select the Edit My Widgets button in the upper right corner of the screen. A variety of widget selections will display under the three main categories. Select the checkbox beside a widget’s name to enable or disable the widget.
  2. Select Save Changes when finished.
  3. Select the Dashboard menu item to return to the main Dashboard.

Use your navigation menu

If you have used the Student Dashboard previously, the navigation steps should be similar.

  1. On the left side of your screen is the Navigation menu. Use the triple bar button to expand and collapse the navigation menu.
  2. Select a menu item. Any menu item with an arrow beside it can be expanded revealing additional menu items beneath.

    In this example, we will perform a Class Search and add that class to our planner.
  3. Select the Class Information arrow. A drop-down menu will display.
  4. Select Class Search.
  5. Fill out all appropriate fields, including Term, Subject and Catalog #, then select Search.
  6. Select the course to view more information.
  7. Select the Additional Actions menu (triple dot) to the right of the course. For example, select Add to Planner.
  8. Select the Enrollment menu option in the left navigation menu and then select Planner.
  9. Notice the class has been added. You can select the class (by selecting the checkbox to the right of the course) and then Add to Cart or Add Course if you wish.

Find other resources

Notice the Important Links menu option. Select this option to reveal helpful links to additional TU resources, including the Academic Calendar, the Exam Schedule and Blackboard.

Run frequently accessed reports

Run a transfer credit report

  1. Select the Academics menu to expand and then select Transfer Credit.
  2. Select the down arrow beside any of the categories for additional information.

Run academic requirements reports

  1. Select Academics and then Academic Requirements on the left navigation menu.
  2. Look to the right to see all categories related to the progress of degree completion. To expand a category, select the right arrow beside the category title.
  3. Additional topics will appear to the right in a split-screen view. Select the down arrow beside a category to expand. All courses will appear.
  4. You may expand each course by selecting the arrow beside the Course ID.
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