Request a Wired Network Connection

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Contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center to request the installation of a campus network port for the following scenarios: 

  • You or your department has received a new computer
  • Your existing computer has been moved to a new office
  • You have a computer but no wall port or active wall port connection
  • You wish to move from a Terminal Server connection to Ethernet

Request a new network connection

Collect the following information before submitting your request:

  • The make and model of your computer (i.e., a Dell Optiplex GXa, a PowerMac G4, a Dell Laptop Csi)
  • The operating system you are running (i.e., Windows 2011, Macintosh OS X)
  • The building and room number where the computer is now located; if the computer is to be moved, then we will also need the building and room number where the computer will be located.
  • Wall plate number or numbers if there is a wall plate available in the room; Wall plates are small, flat panels on the wall with telephone-type jacks. Look carefully at the wallplate for a computer symbol above an open jack. If one is present, it usually contains your room number followed by a decimal number (i.e.,101.1).
  • Whether there is no computer jack, or no open jacks, on the wall plate.
  • Whether this is a new computer or a computer being moved to a new office.
  • Whether this is a lab where several similar or identical new machines are being connected. 
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