Understand the WordPress Admin Toolbar

Use the WordPress Admin Toolbar to conveniently access some of the commonly used WordPress features. You will see the toolbar (pictured below) at the top of the webpage only when you are signed in to WordPress. The toolbar will not be visible to your site visitors.

An image of the WordPress toolbar.

The Admin Toolbar allows you to quickly access the following commonly used features:

Toolbar button Description
WordPress Icon Presents links to the WordPress support and community forums webpages. Be aware that not all of the information on these pages applies to TU's WordPress environment.
My Sites Opens a menu providing access to your site(s).
Name of Site Opens a menu providing access to various site editing features. Selecting this button will also toggle you between your Dashboard view and your site view.
Comment Icon Opens the page for viewing and moderating your blog comments.
New Opens a menu to quickly create posts, media, links, pages and users.
Follow Adds the current site to your Followed Sites list on the Dashboard.
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