Ready Your Microsoft Word Files with this Accessibility Checklist

If you are planning to share one or more Microsoft Word documents online, run this checklist to ensure that they will be accessible to the widest audience possible.

Microsoft Word Accessibility Checklist

ID 1.0 Master Requirements for all Word Documents Yes (Pass) No (Fail) N/A
1.1 Have the Document Properties for Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Language, and Copyright Status been added?      
1.2 Does the document utilize recommended fonts (i.e., Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, or Calibri)?      
1.3 Do all images, grouped images, and non-text elements that convey information have meaningful alternative-text?      
1.4 Do all URLs contain descriptive hyperlinks that let users know about the content of the linked page prior to selecting it?      
1.5 Are all URLs linked to correct Web destinations?      
1.6 Is all of the text easy to read in comparison to the background of the document?      
1.7 Has the document been reviewed in Print Preview for a final visual check?      
ID 2.0 General Layout and Formatting Requirements Yes (Pass) No (Fail) N/A
2.1 Has the document been formatted using Style elements (Heading 1, Heading 2) and/or Outline in a hierarchical manner (i.e. Heading 1 to Heading 2 to Body Text)?      
2.2 Are page numbering codes used as opposed to manually typed page numbers?      
2.3 If footnotes are present, have they been created through Word Footnote linking?      
2.4 Is the list style being used as opposed to manually typed characters (e.g. Hyphens, numbers, or graphics)?      
2.5 If the document contains a Table of Contents (TOC), was it created using the TOC Command in MS Word?      
ID 3.0. Document Image Requirements Yes (Pass) No (Fail) N/A
3.1 Have all multilayered objects such as smart art been flattened into one image utilizing one alternative text description?      
3.2 Do images/graphics appear crisp and legible?      
ID 4.0. Document Table Requirements Yes (Pass) No (Fail) N/A
4.1 Do data tables have the entire first row designated as a 'Header Row' in table properties?      
4.2 In table properties, is “Allow row to break across pages” checked?      
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