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[Students, Faculty and Staff] Microsoft 365 OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage solution that will allow you to access and share files from anywhere you have an internet connection.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] The linked webpage provides step-by-step instructions on sharing your OneDrive files and folders with other people.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] OneDrive for Business allows you to share files from anywhere with an internet connection. The linked video shows how to upload files from your computer to your OneDrive.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] The linked webpage presents a series of brief videos on how to use Microsoft OneDrive effectively.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] The linked webpage describes how to set up OneDrive on your Windows computer and automatically sync folders and files to always be at your fingertips.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] Learn how to download the OneDrive sync app and sign in with your TU account to get started syncing.