Introduction to eFax

TU offices can send and receive faxes electronically. Outgoing documents are sent through an online application and incoming PDF versions are sent and saved directly to departmental SecureShares set up specifically for faxing.

Get Started

Departments designate fax coordinator(s) to send and receive faxes on behalf of anyone in their area. If you don't know who your coordinator is, contact your Administrative Assistant. Generally, the fax and phone coordinators are the same individuals (s). 

TU employees (non-fax coordinators) needing to send or receive a fax: contact your department's designated fax coordinator. Work with them to coordinate a send, check if you have any new faxes or give them a heads up if you're expecting one.

Designated departmental fax coordinators: before being able to send and receive faxes from your computer, you'll need to associate your account using the unique token code that is provided in the confirmation email from OTS. Once associated/validated, log into the eFax system using a valid TU NetID and password.

If you need help with associating an account or requesting a new eFax account for your department, submit a TechHelp ticket. If a coordinator role needs to be updated or leaves your department, submit a TechHelp.

Sending a Fax

There are two ways for fax coordinators to send faxes: use “My Personal Folder” to send faxes only you will have access to manage and “Shared Queues” for departmental viewing and work flow monitoring. See the self-help videos for specifics like how to sign and upload documents and send a fax.

Receiving a Fax

When incoming fax is received, designated department members will get an email notification. Faxes are received as a PDF and stored in a SecureShare location with the naming convention ((\\secureshare\fax-(DEPT)). See the self-help videos for specifics like how to print, archive and delete faxes. 

Fax coordinators can access fax on campus by using a desktop or Remote Desktop, or off campus by using TU Desktop or Reporting Desktop in Virtual Workspace.

TU employees expecting fax: if you don't have access to your department’s fax SecureShare, contact your Administrative Assistant or your phone/fax coordinator to locate it. If the document doesn’t contain confidential information, they can print or forward you the PDF in an email. If it’s confidential, you’ll need to coordinate access through a SecureShare (PDF) or TU’s File Delivery Service. 

Note: documents containing confidential data should not be emailed, saved to a computer's hard drive, or saved to a custom or department share. Learn more about handling confidential data at TU (PDF). If you need more guidance, submit a TechHelp ticket. 


Refer to the self-help videos. For more help or to request an account, submit a TechHelp ticket. 




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