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[Students, Faculty and Staff] TU students and professionals enjoy free access to the online video tutorial service, LinkedIn Learning. Learn new business, software, technology and creative skills from nationally recognized experts in various content areas.
[Students] View all your Blackboard course grades and grade averages in one place.
[Faculty and Staff] If a disability or injury prevents an instructor from using or reaching the classroom audiovisual system controls, special accommodations may include providing a laptop, relocating equipment, providing remote control capability, or assigning the class to another room.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] If needed, reset your forgotten or expired NetID password using a one-time passcode (OTP) sent to your mobile phone or email.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] TU offers web-conferencing, lecture capture and asynchronous collaboration tools. This article describes them and identifies resources for further learning.
[Faculty & Staff] Web browsers save temporary files to work efficiently. Occasionally, corrupted or outdated information may cause a webpage to load incorrectly or not at all.
[Faculty and Staff] You can troubleshoot and solve many problems with classroom audiovisual and computer technology following the advice in this series of articles. Series content includes general computer problems, audiovisual systems and component problems, network and connectivity problems, software and configuration problems, login problems, etc.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] University computers will lock after a period of inactivity. This can cause you to be locked out by the screensaver or another user. This article describes how to access computers in this state.
[Faculty] Slido is an easy-to-use Q&A and polling platform for live, remote, or hybrid meetings; events; classes, and webinars. Event planners can set up a Slido event in less than a minute; all the participants need to join the conversation is a simple event code or link.
[Faculty] Embed a Panopto video in Blackboard.
[Faculty] Review the course content from a student's perspective with Student Preview.
[Students & Faculty] Edit videos from Blackboard using Panopto editing tools.
[Faculty] View how active your students are in your course materials using this linked Course Activity Related to Grades report (learning analytics).
[Faculty] Learn how to create a student video assignment in a Blackboard Ultra course.
[Faculty] Assignment folders created within a course folder allow students to submit their videos. However, such videos are visible only to the student and the instructor. Make a submitted video visible to the entire course list by copying the video from the assignment folder to the main course folder.