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[Students, Faculty & Staff] If the need arises, reset your NetID password by answering the security questions you set up when you first received your account. You can also use a one-time passcode (OTP) sent to your mobile phone or email as described in a separate article.
[Faculty and Staff] Jamf Self Service distributes software to university Macs, providing standard university application packages for faculty and staff to install on-demand.
[Students] OTS migrated student Gmail and Google Drive content to TU-provided Microsoft 365 Outlook and OneDrive during spring 2023. If you received an email notification that one or more of the files in your Google Drive could not be moved, you may contact Student Computing Services to request temporary access to your Google Drive. In this case, the page linked here should prove helpful.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] The TU Registrar’s Office webpage "Helpful Guides for Faculty, Staff & Students" offers several resources that you might find helpful, including information on academic requirements, wait lists, swap, planner guides, class permissions, schedule matrix, milestone input, printing class schedules, query guides, student advisor input and unofficial transcripts.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] Learn how to use, search and share the TechHelp Knowledge Base.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] Follow these instructions to make your WordPress site publicly accessible on the internet.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] Selecting the Customize button for the currently active theme allows you to update settings while previewing your changes (What You See Is What You Get). Until you choose the Save and Publish button, only the theme preview window is updated, not your live site.
[Students, Faculty & Staff] Beyond basic page content, WordPress makes it easy to add hyperlinks, images and galleries.
[Faculty & Staff] This video breaks down some of the features of a Zoom meeting, like sharing content, polls, breakout rooms, and managing participants.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] Learn from the answers to frequently asked questions about Virtual Workspace (VW) and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), including how to log in, where to save files, how to map drives, how to print, how to connect USB devices and how to copy and paste.
[Faculty and Staff] TU staff are eligible for Adobe CC software, provided they need it for TU work. Learn how to request Adobe CC software from your department supervisor and to justify why you need to access Adobe CC software to perform your job duties.
[Faculty & Staff] This document details the process of approving Adobe CC software requests. Faculty or staff requesting the Adobe CC software from their chairperson must justify why they need the software to perform their duties at the university. The chairperson approves justified requests by submitting a TechHelp Service Request on behalf of the faculty or staff member. The TechHelp request initiates the Adobe installation process for the faculty or staff member.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] A SharePoint Team Site is a place where a group of colleagues can share information and work collaboratively on projects from any device with internet access. This site includes a group of webpages, document libraries, lists for data management and web parts for organization. Unlike a SharePoint File Share Site, permissions for a Team Site are managed within SharePoint.
[Faculty and Staff] A SharePoint File Share site is used to store files for a department or group. The site is unique because permissions are handled through the group management tool and not directly through the site. These sites are a repository for departmental or custom share files.
[Students, Faculty and Staff] The linked video is the first in a short LinkedIn Learning course (2022) introducing Microsoft 365 and demonstrating key features of Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and PowerPoint.