Virtual Workspace FAQ (Azure Virtual Desktop)


[Students, Faculty and Staff] Learn from the answers to frequently asked questions about Virtual Workspace (VW) and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), including how to log in, where to save files, how to map drives, how to print, how to connect USB devices and how to copy and paste.


The options for securely accessing TU applications, email and network shares from off-campus include Virtual Workspace (VW), Remote Desktop and Virtual Private Network (VPN). See the TU website for summary information.

Questions frequently asked about Virtual Workspace

What is Virtual Workspace?
How do I log in to VW?
Where should I save my files when working in VW? 
Can I map a drive in VW?
Will I be able to print in VW? 
Can I personalize a virtual desktop?
Are there time limits to VW sessions?
Can I connect USB devices?​​​​​​
How to copy and paste in VW? 
How do I transfer files from my physical computer to the virtual desktop (or vice versa)?
How can I request specific software be added to Virtual Workspace? 
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