Use the TechHelp Knowledge Base to Find Answers


[Students, Faculty and Staff] Learn how to use, search and share the TechHelp Knowledge Base.


Learn how to use, search and share the TechHelp Knowledge Base.

Note: Most of the KB articles are publicly viewable, but some require your NetID sign-in due to their sensitive content. For the widest selection of content, sign in with your NetID every time you use the KB.

Search for articles

When searching for KB articles

  • Open the TechHelp home page, and search using the global search box in the upper right (and even filter to just KB search results).
  • Navigate the KB categories by selecting the Knowledge Base link on the TechHelp home page. The categories are similar to the categories in the Service Catalog.
  • Use the KB-specific Search option on the Knowledge Base menu bar to search within a specific category.
  • The most frequently accessed articles are featured in the Popular Articles box on the right side of every KB Category page.
  • The most recently created articles are featured in the Recent Articles box on the right side of every KB Category page.
  • The following search operators are available in Client Portal searches:
    • AND — Requires both terms are included in the results.
    • NOT — Requires that term after NOT is not included in the results.
    • OR — Allows results where either term is included.
    • "" "" — Requires that the exact phrase within quotes is included in the results.  
    • # — Searches for a tag, in areas that support tags. 

Articles may have different visibility

  • Public Most articles are public and available to anyone on the internet without authentication.
  • Authenticated — Some articles are not public and require NetID authentication. These include sensitive content, such as how to manage a NetID or connect remotely.
  • OTS-Internal — Some articles are visible to OTS staff only, requiring authentication and membership in the "OTS - All OTS" group in TechHelp. These articles have an "OTS-Internal" tag.

Share articles

When sending links to clients, we recommend that you send articles via email using the Share button on the KB article page.

Take note

  • You can leave feedback on an article to suggest changes. The group that owns the article will be notified so a publisher can edit it.
  • You can save articles as personal Favorites using the Add to Favorites button from a KB article page.
  • Many resources are still in hybrid formats (PDF, vendor sites, KB) on the OTS website. The transition of content to the KB will take a long time.
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[Students, Faculty and Staff] The TechHelp Knowledge Base launched on Thursday, October 20, 2022, and will gradually usher in the next generation of self-help technology support at Towson University. Existing technology resources will remain available on TU’s website. As we continue to move resources into the new KB over the fall and winter months, we will simply update the webpage links to open new KB articles instead of the original PDF files and videos on which they are based.