Submit Items to SafeAssign


[Faculty] Submit items to SafeAssign directly, without using an assignment.


As an instructor, you can submit items to SafeAssign without needing an assignment. SafeAssign can be used to check items that have been emailed to you or if you have concerns about a particular document. SafeAssign can also be used to check rough drafts, or to submit works to the database to include when checking other items. 

Submit to SafeAssign

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in with your TU NetID and Password
  3. Enter the course where you'd like to submit the item. If it is a student's paper that needs to be submitted outside of an assignment, we recommend using the course that the student is enrolled in.
  4. Click on View course & institution tools on the lower left menu of the course
  5. Select SafeAssign at the top of the right-hand pop out menu
  6. Click Upload file if the item is a file, or click Copy/paste text if you are copying text from another item
  7. Choose your options:
    1. Check for plagiarism - this will give you a score for the item you've uploaded. If you want to add an item to the database without checking the plagiarism score, you can uncheck this option.
    2. Add to institutional database - this option will add the item to the database once you run it through SafeAssign. If you'd like to check for a plagiarism score without adding it to the database, uncheck this option. If this item is a rough draft, we recommend unchecking this option, as the final version will likely come back with a high plagiarism score if the rough draft is added.
    3. Share - if there are multiple instructors in the course, and you'd like all instructors to see the item, check this box. If you are the only instructor, or do not want other instructors to view this item, you can leave it unchecked.
  8. Click upload a file or drag and drop the file to the Drag files here box
  9. Click Submit
  10. Files can take up to 24 hours to run. After some time has passed, return to this page to see the plagiarism matching score and view the report.
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