Using Duo Multifactor Authentication with Virtual Workspace

All faculty and staff are required to use Duo when logging in to Virtual Workspace (VW). When using a web browser to access, the Duo prompt will appear similar to when one accesses other services like email, PeopleSoft, etc. However, when using the VMware Horizon application to access VW, the Duo prompt is different and the options are not as clear. 

If a person has enrolled two or fewer Duo devices like their mobile phone and desk phone, they will see a prompt similar to the image below. If this prompt is displayed, enter a number 1 through 4 that corresponds to the preferred authentication method. This will initiate the push or call to the requested device.


If a person has more than two devices enrolled in Duo, it is likely the prompt will look like the image below:

If this prompt is seen, it is recommended to try using push1 since this will send a push to the preferred device. Typing 1 is the equivalent to push1. 

This is not the easiest to understand so it may take a few attempts to understand which devices correspond to the generic labels. 

After completing the authentication process, the VW session will begin. 


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Mon 1/23/23 5:55 PM
Mon 1/23/23 5:55 PM